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Photo submitted to Times Observer Tops Markets in Sheffield had a booth at the 12th Annual Johnny Appleseed Festival in October where a total of $200 was raised for the local food pantry. A gift card for $50 was given to the food pantry from our local Tops Markets for a total of $250 was presented to Tom Dunn by Jamie Sutton, the manager of Tops Markets of Sheffield for the food pantry.

Sheffield Township Supervisors

The supervisors met on Monday, Oct. 16, for their regularly-scheduled meeting with a few citizens on hand with complaints for the supervisors to address.

A Church Street couple was present complaining about 320 Church Street and the amount of garbage in the front of this property. They came with pictures of the mess and wanted some action taken. The individual who is living there now moved from 326-328 Horton Avenue. Roadmaster Lester will need to take pictures of this property and a letter will be sent to the property owner along with the owner of 326-328 Horton Avenue for the tires that remain on this property.

A Foulkrod Street resident was present complaining about the condition of the road after IA Construction paved this street. He has a huge drop-off in front of his house and at the corner as well. Supervisor Labesky stated that the Roadmaster is to fix this issue. Mr. Ace stated that this should not be up to the roadmaster to fix this issue; this should be the contractor’s problem. Supervisor Paris stated supervisors should contact the contractor to fix this problem.

With a motion by Supervisor Paris, seconded by Supervisor Labesky and duly carried, the minutes of the October 2, 2017, supervisors meeting were approved, with one question in regards to paragraph four on last page — the sentences ended with a verb. The minutes were reviewed and approved as they were presented. With a motion by Supervisor Paris, seconded by Supervisor Labesky and duly carried the Roadmaster’s Reports from October 2nd through October 15th were brought forth, however, a supervisor didn’t agree with the dates of the roadmaster’s reports; they should be from one pay period to the next, should have been October 1st to October 14th. With a motion by Supervisor Paris, seconded by Supervisor Labesky and duly carried, the Bills for Approval in the amount of $142,665.30 were approved, with one question from Supervisor Paris in regards to the bill from Stapleford and Byham for $119.60. Supervisor Paris asked what this bill was for; Supervisor Bulicz stated it was for various emails back and forth to himself and the secretary.

Warren County Fire & Emergency Services invited the Municipal Officials to the Jackson Court Room on October 26 from 7 to 9 p.m., for an educational presentation and open discussion. Kevin Bell of the SVFD reported that three members of the volunteer fire department recently met with the fire marshall to get their input on the number of volunteers and Act 37/24-hour coverage. He stated that the most complaints have been received in the bigger cities.

Solicitor Stapleford sent the following email in regards to Scuteri property:

“We talked recently about the existence of a right-of-way on or through the Scuteri property for purposes of access to the sewage treatment plant. We found a Deed at the Courthouse from 1963 by which George and Alda Christian conveyed 5.205 acres to the Municipal Authority, along with three ROWs. One of the ROWs is for the sewer line, another is for a water line, and the third is a 40-foot ROW ‘for purposes of vehicular and other traffic to provide ingress, egress and regress’ to the premises described in the Deed. This goes on to say that the 40-foot ROW has its center line ‘along the center of the ROW of the old Tionesta Valley Railway Company’ and then it gives a specific metes and bounds description. I am happy to send a copy of this Deed to you if that would be helpful or do more research if you think this is not the proper location. A Google map picture was sent to the solicitor to show her the area in question. Supervisor Paris stated that we had met with Mr. Scuteri and he stated that we were on his right-of-way when the pictures were take on his property for the nuisance violations and we had no business being on his property. This is what provoked the township contacting our Solicitor to review the right-of-way on the Cottage Avenue property.”

Supervisor Labesky stated that we have been plowing this road for over 25 years now.

The secretary reported that Sheffield Township received notification from UPMC that the current Platinum PPO Premium Network plan will have an 8.9 percent increase in costs. Currently, the township pays $3,432.10 and this will go to $3,737.56, $305.46 more a month for the township’s health care for employees for 2018. The renewal date is December 1. All documents will need to be signed and returned prior to this date. This was tabled until the supervisors’ next meeting with a quote from Aetna.

The Blighted Property Review Committee has sent via certified and regular mail to John Whipple and Jessica Camp in regards to their property at 15-1/2 Tan Street, informing them that their property is being considered for a course of action by the Warren County Planning Commission at their next meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 7, at 5:30 p.m. at the commissioners’ conference room.

Redevelopment Minutes from the September 19th Meeting:

Steve and Luann Young property at 61 Second Mill St., Sheffield Twp., Parcel #SH-354-9295:

Attorney Stapleford reported that she received a phone call from Mr. Young, and Mrs. Young informing her that Mr. Young had suffered a heart attack. Once he recovers, he intends to continue the work. James Steffan stated that he had driven by the property and all of the debris has been removed except for the new debris from the front porch. He said they are in the process of tearing off the front porch and are halfway done. He said the grass wasn’t excessively high. This is on the Upset tax sale for September 25th. The RDA will table this until next month. Phil Gilbert confirmed that this property is on the Upset tax sale list for September 25th.

Property at 4582 Route 6, Sheffield Township, owned by Harbour Portfolio VIII LP, Parcel No. SH-365-8913:

Attorney Stapleford has not yet filed for Conservatorship because she realized that if she filed the petition, there wouldn’t be a hearing prior to the tax sale, and this is on the Upset tax sale list for September 25th. Charles Barone made a motion that if it doesn’t sell at the Upset sale, then Attorney Stapleford was to file the Conservatorship action. Pam Matve suggested that the Ken Win property (Item #G) be included in this motion. Charles Barone amended his motion to include the Ken Win property. Pam Matve seconded the motion. A vote was taken and all were in favor. Motion carried. Phil Gilbert confirmed that this is on the Upset tax sale list for September 25th.

Ken Win, LLC property located at 114 & 116 West Main St., Sheffield, Parcel #SH-355-9556, Sheffield:

Township: See note in item D regarding a motion made to proceed with Conservatorship if the property doesn’t sell at the Upset tax sale. Phil Gilbert confirmed that this property is on the Upset tax sale list for September 25th. This property did not sell in the Upset sale. It had $4,000 in back taxes and a federal lein of $8,000 was attached to it.

Supervisor Paris asked if the debris placed around the dry hydrant behind the fire hall has been removed. Supervisor Labesky informed Supervisor Paris that the township has received permission from Amanda Fredericks of the conservation district to leave this product at the dry hydrant location. She also gave permission for the Horton Avenue dry hydrant where we needed more product around the hydra there as well. Supervisor Bulicz stated that Roadmaster Lester received an email from Amanda Fredericks confirming her conversation with him granting us permission to leave this product. Kevin Bell, fire chief, thanked the road crew for a nice job on the dry hydrant at the Sheffield Container.

Supervisor Paris asked if the roadmaster ever got the other load of 2RC for Henry’s Mills Road that was approved. Supervisor Labesky wasn’t sure and will check with Roadmaster Ian Lester.

Supervisor Paris asked that the bathrooms at the boat launch be winterized and closed up. Supervisor Labesky will see that the road crew takes care of this.

Supervisor Paris thanked the road crew for fixing the water issue at her property and across from Tom Pastrick’s home. It was all built up and someone had hit the grate and drug it.

She stated that the thrift shop will save old rags for them once again.

Supervisor Paris asked Supervisor Bulicz if he has had the opportunity to look and the township payroll program and learn it. Supervisor Bulicz stated he has not done so.

Supervisor Paris also asked about the backhoe out during the Johnny Appleseed Festival. Supervisor Labesky stated that the had gave the Roadmaster permission to go out on two call outs to assist the festival committee with barricades and the backhoe was needed to pack down the dumpster full of garbage.

Supervisor Paris also asked Supervisor Bulicz if he has talked with the property owner on Hathaway Lane. Supervisor Bulicz has not spoken to the owner as of yet.

The 2007 F350 truck is in need of repair prior to inspection. Johnson Tire Service has quoted a price of $5,000 for body work on the rusted-out cab and also tires. Supervisor Paris stated that it’s a 10-year-old truck with only 60,000 miles and we need a truck to get through winter. She is requested a new truck. Supervisor Bulicz stated that we have $25,000 in capitol reserve in the budget. Supervisor Bulicz recommends we find a new truck complete with plow and spreader already for winter. Something brand new and go through co-stars to eliminate the bidding process. Supervisor Bulicz will contact CNB, PNC, Key Bank and Northwest banks for rates on loans for new vehicles.

Supervisor Paris stated that during the fall road inspection, the trees on Cemetery Road were to be discussed. Supervisor Labesky stated that we will not be removing the trees.

Supervisor Paris also asked where things stood on the Heavenly Lane property that Todd Fantaskey, Sewage Enforcement Officer, was suppose to have inspected for raw sewage seeping from this property. The secretary is to contact Mr. Fantaskey and see where this stands.

Supervisor Paris stated that she spoke to the sherrif department about 31 1st Mill Street and they will be running the plates on the vehicles at this house and look for current inspection and registrations. His vehicles are definitely in the right-a-way and a copy of the right-a-way section of the Township Code will be sent to Mr. Axel Johnson. Supervisor Paris stated that the Code Enforcement officer can call in license plates to County Control and they can give them the names of the owners to get vehicles moved during the festivals.

During fall road inspection, the playground was looked at and in the spring 6” or 8″ of chips will be placed in the playground. Old chips will be removed and new ones will be put in. The basketball courts need to be repaired and repainted as well, Supervisor Labesky reported. The fall road inspection minutes will be ready for the net meeting.

Supervisor Paris asked about the grant paperwork for Henry’s Mills Road. An owner/operator was contacted, but the name was never mentioned. Supervisor Labesky stated that Fox & Sons and Turner were contacted to help with the paperwork, and Fox & Sons responded. These contractors were given to us by the Warren County Conservation District Office.

Supervisor Bulicz met with Howe Township. Fire fund financials need to be reviewed. They agreed with the figure of $1,253.66, but this may go up or down depending on the financials, but they will provide us with an hourly rate for services.

Supervisor Paris stated that John Dipierro of John’s Auto removed 247 tires from his property.

Other matters discussed:

— received a subdivision from the Sheffield Vets Club.

— received Occupancy permits from the City of Warren for the Food Pantry and Russell Holden for a garage/new building at 84 Chapel Lane.

— The September 7th Municipal Minutes and August Treasurer’s Report were available for review.

The next regularly-scheduled meeting of Supervisors is Monday, Nov. 20, at 7:30 p.m., at the Sheffield Ecumenical Food Pantry at 18 Leather Street, due to the elevator being out of service at the Sheffield Hospitality Center.

Santa Arrives at SVFD

The Sheffield Volunteer Fire Departments annual Breakfast with Santa is less than a month away. On December 9, from 9 to 11:30 a.m., come join Santa for a delicious breakfast. Santa arrives around 9 a.m.

Community Thanksgiving Day Dinner

On Thursday, Nov. 23, Thanksgiving Day, there will be a Community Thanksgiving Day Dinner at the St. Paul Center in Saybrook. A traditional Thanksgiving dinner will be served from 1 to 3 p.m., for a donation. Takeouts and delivery are available from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. by pre-ordering; call Sandy Howard at (814) 319-6168.

If you would like to make a donation to this event, contact Sandy.

Open Doors Ministry

Monday, Nov. 27, is the next dinner of the Sheffield-Barnes Larger Parish Open Doors Ministry Dinner. The meal will be chili, cornbread and brownies and will be served free of charge starting at 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Takeouts are available.

Sheffield Sports Boosters Turkey Party

Friday, Nov. 24, at the Sheffield VFD, is the Sports Boosters Annual Turkey Party. The doors open at 6:15 p.m. and wheel spins start at 7 p.m. This is a free admission event and refreshments will be served.

Some of the items on the wheel include:

— Savage axis with scope 6.5 creedmoor

— TC compass .270 caliber

— Winchester sxp black shadow 12 gauge

— Smith & Wesson sd9 9mm pistol

— Diamondback arms .380 muddy girl pistol

— Smith & Wesson m&p shield 9mm pistol

— Parker bushwacker crossbow

— Pepperoni sticks, steak platters, and cash

Plus, this year, a Yeti 65 cooler is being added, and don’t miss out on the gun of the year or $2,000 cash drawing at the end of the evening.

Get your gun of the year tickets or $2,000 cash tickets for a donation of $10 from Melissa Bullock, Mike Knapp, Brandon Troutman, Mike Grubbs, Joe Leichtenberger, Jena Albaugh, Jared or Julie Finch, Dave or Melissa Lemay, Rich or Denise Pierson or any other sports boosters member.

Sheffield Township Supervisors new meeting place

The next supervisors meeting will be held at the Sheffield Ecumenical Food Pantry at 18 Leather Street at 7:30 p.m. Due to the elevator being out of order at the Hospitality Center, Sheffield Township meetings need to be handicap-accessible for meetings and the Food Pantry has allowed use of the building.

Sheffield Hospitality Center

“Thanksgiving is the appointed time for focusing on the good in our lives. In each of our days, we can find small blessings, but too often we overlook them, choosing instead to spend our time paying attention to problems. We give our energy to those who cause us trouble instead of those who bring us peace. Starting now, let’s be on the lookout for the bits of pleasure in each hour, and appreciate the persons who bring love and light to everyone who is blessed to know them. You are one of those people. On Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for you. Happy Thanksgiving!

“This week marks the beginning of our Facebook page. It’s yet another “new creation” for our Center. Find us at Sheffield Hospitality Center. We truly live in an amazing age. Today we can reach more people in less time than ever before, thanks to the internet and to social media sites like Facebook.

“Activities for this week are:

Monday, Nov. 20, we will be playing Mexican Train in the morning. Come join the fun. Exercise at 3:00.

“Tuesday, Nov. 21, Mystery Lunch call to add your name to the list.

“Wednesday, Nov. 22, take a bus to Warren for shopping. The driver will take you wherever you want to shop. Pickups start at 8:30.

“Thursday and Friday we are closed for Thanksgiving.:

Lunch at the Center:

Monday’s lunch is chicken parmesan with a side of spaghetti and a salad. Reservations are a must. Sign up at the Center or call 968-5667.

Additional Center Services:

The Fuel assistance program LIHEAP is now taking applications. Stop in for an application. There are no age requirements everyone is welcome to an application.

Thanksgiving Basket:

The Thanksgiving Basket raffle winner will be draw at lunch time on Monday, Nov. 20. If you haven’t had a chance to buy your ticket stop in Monday morning and take a chance on this wonderful basket full of $350 worth goodies. There is $50 bill and also $100 worth of gift cards. Three tickets for $1.

Stop at the Center or call with any questions about events or with new suggestions. Contact Kelly Nearing, Executive Director, Sheffield Hospitality Center, at (814) 968-5667.

Coming Events

Nov 20th – Sheffield Township Supervisors Meeting at 7:30PM at the Sheffield Food Pantry at 18 Leather Street

Dec 4th – Sheffield Township Supervisor Meeting at 7:30PM at the Food Pantry Building

Dec 7th – Sheffield Municipal Authority Meeting at 7pm at the Authority Office

Dec 9th Breakfast with Santa at the Sheffield VFD beginning at 9am.

Dec 18th – Sheffield Township Supervisors Meeting at 7:30PM at the Food Pantry Building at 18 Leather Street


Oct 12th-14th – 13th Annual Johnny Appleseed Festival