2 plead guilty at prelims

Two defendants pleaded guilty and charges were withdrawn against two others during preliminary hearings held this week at the Warren County Courthouse.

The following defendants pleaded guilty:

¯ Timothy A. McMillen, Warren, to possession of drug paraphernalia. A count of possession of marijuana was not prosecuted.

¯ Jason T. Thomas, Warren, to possession of a controlled substance. Two counts of possession of a controlled substance were withdrawn.

Charges were withdrawn against the following:

¯ Tara J. Williams, Sheffield. Williams had been charged with simple assault and harassment – subject other to physical contact. A count of disorderly conduct-engage infighting was re-categorized as a non-traffic offense.

¯ Rocky A. Fiscus, Warren. Fiscus had been charged with conspiracy (retail theft – take merchandise). A count of retail theft – take merchandise was re-categorized as a non-traffic offense.