On The Record


Ring found. A gold wedding band was discovered at the Youngsville car wash on Thursday, Dec. 21, according to Youngsville Borough Police. Anyone with information regarding this lost item is encouraged to contact the Youngsville police department.


Overdoses. Pennsylvania State Police in Punxsutawney report that four drug overdoses have occurred within the last two days, three in Clearfield County and one in Clarion County. One overdose was fatal, while three others were revived, police say. Police said they suspect that fentanyl is being sold as heroin, or as an additive to heroin in these cases, and they warn public, including drug users, that the area is being flooded with “a deadly cocktail that will cause an overdose which will most likely lead to death.” Police said that packaging containing the drugs associated with overdose have been stamped with a red beetle or a blue thumbs up, but added that “others are likely to be discovered.”