On The Record


DUI. City of Warren reported that Halbert Dumas, 52, Georgia, was charged with DUI: General impairment, DUI: Accident, driving without a license, careless driving and following too closely after a three-vehicle accident on September 14 at Fourth Ave. and Market St.

Crash. City of Warren reported that Sharon McCall, 64, Sandy Lake, Pa., was cited for careless driving following a two-vehicle accident at Madison Ave. and Russell St. on September 16.

Crash. City of Warren reported that a 17-year-old juvenile was cited for not yielding the roadway following a two-vehicle accident at Madison Ave. and Prospect St. on September 27.

Crash. City of Warren reported that Conni Benton, 35, Warren, was cited for accident damage to unattended vehicle or property following an investigation into a hit and run accident on Russell St. involving three vehicles on September 16.

Crash. City of Warren reported that Austin Sutliff, 25, Warren, was cited for following too closely on September 21 after a two-vehicle accident at Pennsylvania Ave. and Maple St.

Simple assault. City of Warren reported that James Ecklund, 45, Warren, was charged with simple assault and recklessly endangering another person after police responded to a domestic dispute on October 3.

Harassment. City of Warren reported that Gregory Brown, 29, Warren, was cited for harassment after police responded to a fight at a local convenience store on September 25.

Public drunkenness. City of Warren police reported that Adam Peterson, 30, Warren, was cited for public drunkenness on October 1 after police responded to a report of an alarm at a closed business.

Conewango Twp.

Bad check. Conewango Township Police reported that Sean Allen Mason, Warren, issued a check for $127.23 on September 8 to the North Warren Municipal Authority. The check was later returned to the authority stamped insufficient funds. The NWMA sent Mason a 10-day certified bad check notice which was later returned to them unclaimed. Police subsequently charged Mason with bad checks for the violation.

Control of alarm devices. Warren-based state police reported that more than three false alarms occurred in the past 12 months at GameStop, 2775 Market St. A non-traffic citation was filed through District Justice Laura Bauer’s office.

Pittsfield Twp.

Burglary. Warren-based state police reported that someone attempted to remove a dirt bike from a shed belonging to a known 51-year-old female, Pittsfield, who were scared away by the owner before succeeding in the theft. Anyone who may have witnessed a suspicious person in Old Pittsfield Road area on October 5 at approximately 1 a.m. is asked to call police.


DUI. Youngsville Police reported that Jerry Berkhous III, 25, was arrested on Sunday, September 10, at approximately 1 a.m. after he was stopped at a DUI Sobriety Checkpoint on US 6. Police said that it was determined that Berkhous was wanted and driving while suspended for a prior DUI. He was also charged with possession of marijuana and three counts of drug paraphernalia. He was placed in the Warren County Jail pending further court proceedings. Charges have been filed through District Justice Todd Woodin’s office.

Aggravated assault. A 12-year-old male juvenile has been charged with assault stemming from an incident which occurred at Youngsville Elementary Middle School on Friday, September 8. Police were informed that two Warren County School District staff members were assaulted by the juvenile and injured during a restraint technique. Police said the juvenile petition has been filed through juvenile probation.