TO pet calendar returns for 2020

Times Observer photo “Duke” smiles for the camera.

A preponderance of precious pets populates this place.

Poodle puppies. Pomeranians and Pekingese. Papillons. Persians. Potbellied pigs, pythons, parrots, and piranhas. Possibly Percherons and parrotfish. Probably not a panda, nor a platypus.

After a wildly successful first year of featuring Precious Pets, the Times Observer’s annual pet calendar will return to that subject matter.

“Everyone loves their pets and thinks their pet is the most precious,” Advertising Director Stacy Hathaway said. “Through this contest, our readers will once again decide who has the most precious pet.”

Pet owners who submit a precious photo will have their pet considered for including in the 2020 Precious Pets Calendar.

Images — ideally in Jpeg format and horizontal orientation — may be emailed to photocontest@timesobserver.com.

Entries that do not include the pet’s name, Warren County guardian’s name, address, and phone number will be disqualified.

New photos of pets that were previously entered will be accepted.

Entries will be accepted through Friday, Nov. 22.

A panel of judges will select the finalists for the contest, which will then be posted online. Public voting will determine which precious pet goes on the cover of the calendar. The champion will earn his or her human a $100 gift card. The other finalists will be featured for a month each.

Neither the breed nor the name need start with the letter P, but please post those pelican, peacock, and penguin pet photos promptly.