Eisenhower’s Jensen 15th out of 136 MATHCOUNTS participants

Eisenhower Middle/High School MATHCOUNTS participants included, from left, sitting, Katie Bunk, Garrett Jensen, Tucker Lindell, and Dominic Benson and, standing, Fallon Bachman (Coach), Olivia Hummel, Kailee Morrison, Caroline Smyth, Alyssa Wismar, Ciara Sherwood, and Nathan Hanson.

Warren County schools Three Warren County schools participated in the Chapter MATHCOUNTS competition on Saturday, Feb. 23, at Gannon University. MATHCOUNTS (www.mathcounts.org) is a national math competition for sixth- through eighth-grade students.

From Beaty Warren Middle School, participants included Noah Colecchia, Bobby Johnson, Oscar Lin, Dominic Loucks,

and Ian Montour.

“I was both excited and nervous,” said Johnson. “The first few problems were easy, and then it gradually got harder as they went on.”

“I will definitely participate again next year,” said Loucks.

From Eisenhower, participants included Dominic Benson, Katie Bunk, Nathan Hanson, Olivia Hummel, Garrett Jensen, Tucker Lindell, Kailee Morrison, Ciara Sherwood, Caroline Smyth, and Alyssa Wismar.

Photos submitted to Times Observer Beaty-Warren Middle School MATHCOUNTS participants included, from left, in front, Oscar Lin, Ian Montour, Dominic Loucks, and Bobby Johnson and, standing, Meggi Brown (coach), and Noah Colecchia.

“I thought it was fun and I liked how it was super challenging at times,” says Bunk. “I was excited to score in the top 15.”

“I thought I could have done better, but overall I did well,” said Garrett Jensen.

From Youngsville, participants included Lydia Camp, Rorie Dougherty, Elley Eastman, Brandon Forslund, Abi Grunden, Nathan Lucks, Kenzie Olewine, Jessica Romanosky, Kiana Stranbro, and Cooper Tobloski.

“Attending the MATHCOUNTS competition was eye-opening as to how intelligent students from the opposing schools were,” said Olewine. “It was incredible to realize how fast you could solve some of the problems.”

The top five school district individual rankings out of 136 participants were Olewine, 73rd from Youngsville; Colecchia, 68th from Beaty; Dougherty, 51st from Youngsville; Hummel, 48th from Eisenhower, and; the top scoring and most experienced participant was Jensen, 15th from Eisenhower.

Youngsville Elementary/Middle School MATHCOUNTS participants included, from left, in front, Brandon Forslund, Kenzie Olewine, Abi Grunden, and Rorie Dougherty and, in back, Pam Brown (coach), Kiana Strandbro, Jessica Romanosky, Lydia Camp, Ellie Eastman Nathan Lucks, and Cooper Tobloski.