Sharing the light

Emanuel United Church of Christ will keep windows lit through holidays

Emanuel United Church of Christ will light its stained-glass windows from the inside outward through Advent and Christmas.

These antique windows warm the area every Sunday with their beauty. Church members want to share their beauty with their neighbors and friends every night.

Emanuel United Church of Christ (located at 1710 Pennsylvania Ave E., Warren) traces its roots back to a group of Swiss immigrant families who settled in Warren. The building for Emanuel Reformed Church was dedicated in 1903. Members show their concern for the community and world through the ministry they conduct.

The United Church of Christ denomination came into being in 1957 with the union of two Protestant denominations, the Congregational and Christian and the Evangelical and Reformed Churches. This unity is a gift from God which enables the church to work together to bring about God’s purpose for our World.

Through the support of the denomination’s mission work and local programs to help others, such as the Salvation Army, the Jail Ministry, Nursing Home Ministry, and the Help our Children Ministry through Warren Area School District and other ministries, “we express the love we have received from Christ.”

“One of our Pilgrim ancestors said it well, ‘There is yet more light and truth to break forth from Gods’ Holy Word.'”

The church shares the light this season with all of the Warren community.