Letters to Santa

Evelyn, 6, of Sheffield:

“I want for Christmas LOL. Big LOL pets have lots of surprises and a Shimmer LOL ball and a Hatchimal baby.”

Olivia R., 9, of Sheffield:

“I want a new scooter that turns into a bike and a wolf plush and no makeup this year. Squishies, slime and aphmau merch.”

Nicko V., 3, of Warren:

“I want an electric scooter, Nemesis gun, headset and tea.”

Rylind V., 5 1/2, of Warren:

“I want a tablet, trick scooter, video game and headset.”

Sofi F., 6, of Warren:

“I would like a globe and a Vampirina doll. I would also like some M&Ms. I love you Santa.”

Elias T., 5, of Kane:

“Even though Edana and Daddy said my behavior has been so, so… I would really like a blazzer gun, 910 headed T-Rex Dragon, a Joker and Batman robot and a new boat for dad.”

Guenivere N., 6, of Youngsville:

“How are the reindeer? All I want for Christmas is a skateboard, drum set and a robot dog. How is Rudolph?”

Myla L., 4, of Warren:

“I would like a Barbie doll. I have been a good girl most of the time. I will leave you some milk and cookies and some food for all your reindeers.”

Kaydence L., 2 1/2, of Warren:

“I would like a black doggie for Christmas. I will try hard to be a good girl. I will leave you some milk and cookies.”

Amie L., 8, of Russell:

“My things are a popsoket, Calico Critters and the third thing is Smooshy Mushy 2 and phone. The last thing is Squeezamals and Pikmipops.”

Mackenzie L., 7, of Russell:

“My Christmas wish is the people get what they need and want. I want an elf that is nice.”

Caitlyn L., 9, of Bridgewater, N.J.:

“I wish that everyone is happy on Christmas and has someone to cuddle with.”

Jimmy B., 7, of Warren:

“I love you but I want a plushy please and a phone please and a elf on the shelf and a pet dog named Jelly please.”

Dugan T., 8 1/2, of Warren:

“I am a rescue dog and have been blind since I was 2 years old. Mom and dad say I am a very good boy. I love treats and toys that squeak. I will leave cookies for you (if I don’t eat them).”

Joe S., 8, of Warren:

“I want a Nintendo Switch. I want a phone. I want a PS4 with game. I want a DX8. I want Assassin Creed game.”

Ava W., 7, of Warren:

“I hope you can come this year. Hope you can get some clothes for bear.”

Joseph F., 8, of Russell:

“How many cookies have you eaten? How many feet long is your sled? I will leave some milk and cookies out.”

Kaylee A., of Warren:

“I hope a camera. I hope I get a cat.”

Ashlynn Z., 7, of Pittsfield:

“I want an American horse. Also a Hatchimal. Also a LOL.”

Caitlyn A., 7, of Warren:

“I want a bigger LOL surprise and a bracelet kit.”

Jayc, 7, of Warren:

“I want to see you.”

Eddie A., 7, of Warren:

“I want a real crossbow. I want a real fitbit. I want real camo pants and a shirt and a real camo winter coat. A hockey stick.”

Owen W., 8, of Warren:

“Christmas is my favorite holiday. Could you please get me a Godzilla bends over and blows out fire.”

Joanna B., 7, of Warren:

“How many cookies do you eat in a day? Please can you get me a series of the Cul-De-Sack Kids and Mercy Watson.”

Boe H., 7, of Warren:

“I want a Lego set.”

Adalena S., 7, of Warren:

“I hope you can give me a control dragon, a new bike, a pair of ice skates, a soccer ball and a stuffed toy please.”

Sophia C., 7, of Warren:

“I want a robot how do around?”

Taylor, 8, of Warren:

“Can I have one of the puppies that I saw in Erie. Also all the stuff that comes with it. Bed, carrier, bones.”

Kendall S., 7, of Warren:

“Can you get my little brother something for Christmas. Can you get me a chewy. Also a unicorn poopsie surprise.”

Wyatt L., 7, of Warren:

“I want a DS, a Nintendo Switch, video games and Matchbox cars.”

Nathaniel H., 8, of Warren:

“Some people don’t believe in you but I do. I try to make people believe in you. My friend Wyatt doesn’t.”

Kendyl M., 7, of Warren:

“I want for Christmas is wrapples, unroll furry friend, cubes, Pokemon Eevee.”

Elias, 7, of Warren:

“I want to have a Optimus Prime robot.”

Lily W., 7, of Warren:

“I would like to have a real excavator!”

CJ A., 7, of Warren:

“Please give me presents please.”

Joseph B., 7, of Warren:

“I’m suspicious if you’re real or not.”

Kelsey J., 7, of Warren:

“I want a bunch of My Life stuff. I want a Fingerling. I want a volleyball.”

Vivien P.:

“How is Rudolph? Have you heard about my elves’ wedding. Thank you for my gifts. I was good. I want a phone and Nintendo Switch for Christmas.”

Harper G.:

“How are your reindeer? I was good because I was helping my mom. Thank you for the basketball hoop. Can I have a Hatchimal and mountain bike with gears.”

Wesley W.:

“Do you eat Christmas cookies for breakfast? Thank you for the presents last year. Can you please get me a coinpusher and a wrestling mat. I have been very good this year. Did you get a break? Can you get my mom a necklace. I might get you a chocolate bar or cookies.”

Luke J.:

“Have you had any baby reindeer? Have you had time for a vacation? How is Rudolph? How are you? I would like a 22 rifle and a toy kidsteer for Christmas. Thanks for all your gifts.”

Camdyn B.:

“Santa do you have a baby reindeer? Thank you Santa for everything! Once in a while I may get in a fight with my brothers. I’ll try to get along with them. I don’t want a lot. I want my mom to be happy and LPS and pretty slime. Have a safe trip Christmas Eve. I love you.”

Mercedes R.:

“How are your reindeer? Did you get any baby reindeer? I want a tablet, a drone, LOL, a Barbie with accessories, slime, spy pen and spy camera. Thanks for all the great gifts. Happy Christmas.”

Ramsey W.:

“How are the reindeer this year? How were the cookies last year? I really want an RC car this year and a PS4 to play with pretty please. Have a safe time delivering presents.”

Jaylynn E.:

“How is Mrs. Claus? Thank you for my tent. I will try harder to be good. I want a dream house and some Barbie dolls and LOLs. Tell the reindeer Hello from me.”

Alivia G.:

“How is Rudolph? I have been awesome this year! I want a 410 gun, knife and an X Box 360. I like you Santa. Also I have a new baby nephew. His name is Copelan. Also thank you for the gifts for my family.”

Bret B.:

“How was your vacation? How are your reindeer? Did you like the cookies and milk? I will have food out for your reindeer. I would really like a paintball gun.”

Lane M.:

“How have you been? What is it like in the North Pole? Thank you for my Legos last year. I only want 6 things for Christmas this year. I’ve been good this year. I want a King Kong, Hot Wheels set, a treadmill, a big stuff animal, a Lego set with animals and a big big chocolate bar.”

Zariah G.:

“How are the reindeer this year? Are there any baby reindeer this year? Thank you Santa for my “Z” purse. I will try harder to be good. I want LOLs and some big hatchimals for Christmas this year.”

Bella H.:

“How are your reindeer? Thank you for the drone. next time I will be nicer to my sister. This year I want a kite. How are the elves? I’ll make some good cookies for you.”

Miles W.:

“Are you ready for Christmas? I got a good report card. Thank you for my gun. I want a plane and ball this year. Have a safe trip on Christmas Eve.”

Addyson B.:

“Did you have any baby reindeer? Thank you for the sled you gave me last year. Sometimes I fight with my brothers and I will try harder not to fight with my brothers. What I want for a toy is a wrapple and a pomsies.”

Harriette B.:

“How is Rudolph? Do you have any baby reindeer yet? Thank you Santa for my skates. I have been really good this year. I would like a mountain bike that is a mint color and has gears. I’ll leave you cookies.”

Michael B.:

“How are you doing? Thanks for my remote control car. I have been a little good. I will try harder. I would like phone and a Nintendo Switch for Christmas and a remote control airplane. Tell the elves they are doing a good job.”

Kymani V.:

“I’ve been good this year. How has Rudolph been? Are you going to bring Rudolph this Christmas? Thank you for the basketball last year. It was my favorite. Also thank you for Mortal Combat. It broke. I’m getting a new one. I wish that my cousin will come for Christmas. I want NBA 2 K Playground. I have the first one. And I want to have a good Christmas.”

Keiton J.:

“Thanks for the gifts. I’ve been good and bad. I will try harder. I want a Nintendo Switch, drone and tow truck.”

Canian M.:

“Did you have a baby reindeer? Thank you for the Lego set last year. I will try harder to be good. I want three things for Christmas. First I would like the Lego city police station in the woods. Second I would like a phone. Last my dad and I have been working so so hard that we can use a break. Can you please bring me 7 tickets to Hawaii.

PS if you have extra bring me a drone with a camera in it. I will leave cookies, milk and chocolate oreos for you.”

Abbey M.:

“How are you? Thank you for the Pony Scout books. I have been trying to get along with my sister. I want a hoverboard. I am trying to do good at school.”

Thomas S.:

“How is Rudolph? Have you got any baby reindeer? Thanks for the Minecraft boxes. I’ve been good. I want a bb gun, squishys, slime, Nerf guns and Imaginext set. My sister wants a LOL doll, gem, American Girl doll, unicorn and bendy toys.”

Tom H., 7, of Sugar Grove:

“One beagle puppy.”

Laynah R., 7, of Warren:

“Dear Santa, This year I would really like a Nintendo 2 DS, Pikmi pops set, A smartwatch, and some books.

Thank you!”

Lenny S., 54, of Clarendon:

“How is Rudolph doing and all the rest of your reindeer? I would like a 36-pack of Busch and my friends at Cronies and Cornerstone to have a Merry Christmas.

Lincoln P.:

“Thank you for the Batman mask and Lego men. This year I want Baldy’s Basic educational game, Pennywise game, Disney Infinity game, Skylanders game and Lego Avengers game. I think I’m on the nice list.”

Gabe W.:

“Thank you for my 4 wheeler for Christmas last year. This year I want a dirt bike. I’ve been good this year. What is your favorite drink and cookie?”

Aunna M.:

“Please don’t give me coal. Thank you for the toys last year. Have I been good enough to have toys? Santa you’re the best. We did a play that had you and your wife. I was Mrs. Claus and Davynne was Santa. Our play was called ‘The Elves Who Lost the Toys’. If that happened, that would be a disaster!”

Summer P.:

“I love that bead thing you gave me. I have not done it yet. This Christmas I’d like a 3DS. I think I’m on the nice list. Have a safe trip.”

Lucas S.:

“Thank you for bringing me presents. I hope I am on the nice list. I hope I get lots of presents. I hope you show me the sled and reindeer. I hope you like the cookies and milk. How many elves do you have?”

Madison R.:

“What does Mrs. Claus do at the North Pole when you deliver toys to kids? For Christmas I want a pet bunny, a cotton candy machine, new Barbie clothes and a cat stuffed animal. Thank you for my dog last year!”

Ava B.:

“Thanks for the presents last year. I know that there are lots of presents to put in my house. Please don’t give me coal. Can you give me a picture of reindeer, a tablet and a carrot for our class pet rabbit? Thank you.”

Grace M.:

“Thank you for the Koala stuffed animals. They’re my favorite stuffed animals. I like to snuggle with them most out of all my Koala stuffed animals. This year I would like a tablet. Thank you!”

Sydney F.:

“I hope I was good this year. This is what I want for Christmas – a pet bunny. If you can’t get me a pet bunny I will understand. If you can’t get me one, I want Orbies. I hope you get this soon Santa. Am I good or bad? Please tell me. You are nice Santa.”

Braylon H.:

“Thank you for the presents last year for Christmas. I want an electric scooter, gloves, a hat, head phones, a tablet, shirts, pants and a fishing rod.”

Shelby R.:

“Thank you for the Just Dance 2016 and the Trolls movie. This year I would like some slime. Will you be bringing Rudolph this year? I think I’m on the nice list.”

Joelle B.:

“Thank you for my toy barn from last year. This year I want a puppy. Please! I also want everyone to have a home, food and water. That’s what I want for Christmas. Thank you!”

Landon S.:

“Thanks for the presents for me last Christmas. This year I want an X Box 360 and a phone and a Nerf gun for Christmas. I’ve been nice and hope I am on the good list.”

Maximus P.:

“Thank you for all the toys last year. I would like a surprise this year. I have been good this year and hope I’m on the nice list. Have safe travels.”

Alexziah H.:

“I want headphones, a new coat, a kitten, a new puppy and some new shoes please. Thank you for the gifts I got last year. Is Rudolph real? If so, can I have a picture?”

Davynne G.:

“Thank you for the bow and arrow, target, Nerf gun and b.B. gun. This year I would like reindeer, 100 of them. If you can’t bring reindeer, I’d like Minecraft and Fortnite.”

Kendall F.:

“I want a Barbie Dream House, 3 LOLs, slippers, 2 packs of fake nails, 2 American Girl dolls and a very very pretty Barbie doll. Thank you for the tv last year. Can I have a picture of your elves?”

Hunter M.:

“Is Rudolph real? If he is send my mom him please and thank you. You are the best! can I have a cool car and a sniper rifle Nerf gun please? I’ve been good. I love you Santa!”

Mitchell O.:

“Thank you for the toys last year. I really liked them a lot. This year I want some Power Rangers and a RC car. I’ve been good this year. Is Rudolph real? Thank you!”

Kaleb K.: “Thank you for the race truck last Christmas. This year I would like a BB gun. can you bring my dad a new fishing pole? I’ve been good this year.”

Kenzie L.:

“I want everyone to get what they need. I would like a girl and boy elf. Thank you for my LOL doll last Christmas. Why is our classroom elf Ben wearing a Steelers jersey?”

Kaleb M., 4, Tiona ;

“My name is Kaleb, and I’d like a gas 4 wheeler, and some PJ Mask, and a big truck, and a bike and I’d like a bike for mommy and bike for daddy, so we ride bikes together. The last thing I want is NO SCHOOL.”