Caring with cookies

Students made cookies to provide some holiday cheer

Sometimes, a family just needs a box of cookies.

Students in the Warren County Career Center culinary arts program made Christmas cookies and turned them over to Caring for Life.

The organization provides emotional and financial support to families with critically ill children. There are about 25 families actively receiving support from CFL, according to Vice-President Kylie Harris.

The cookies are intended as emotional support — a friendly holiday gesture that someone knows what they are going through and is in their corner.

Students made, sorted, organized, and packaged the cookies.

A CFL board member hand-crafts ornaments that decorate each box, Harris said.

“The boxes are hand-delivered by CFL board members to our assigned families,” Harris said. “We always make a point to tell the family what a great job they are doing caring for their ill child and that they are amazing parents.”

“Being a parent is hard,” she said. “Being a parent to a child with a chronic illness is harder. CFL recognizes the burden that chronic illness puts on a family — burdens that somethings seem insurmountable.”

The organization does more than send cookies.

“We can assist our families with travel expenses, overnight stays, medical bills and co-pays not covered by insurance, and much needed emotional and financial support,” Harris said.

The non-profit organization is made up of an all-volunteer staff. Information about Caring For Life is available by visiting the organization’s Facebook page or by calling (814) 726-4986.