Hill & Dale Garden Club meets

The September 26 meeting of the Hill & Dale Garden Club was held at the Mission Covenant Church; 20 members and three guests were in attendance.

President Ruth Ann DeVore welcomed members and guests. Ruth Ann then led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and Peg Stino gave the devotions, which dealt with rainbows. Lunch was provided by Carol and her committee.

Dave Sherman from the Warren County Visitors’ Center gave a talk on points of interest in Warren County. He also spoke on how they promote Warren County.

He handed out a pamphlet with a map.

He also had a drawing for a gift certificate from the Peppermill, which was won by Yvonne Lee.

Ruth Ann asked that we remember our members who are not able to be with us today because of illness. Cards are being passed around.

October birthdays are being celebrated by Eleanor Johnson and Irene Berg. She also reported the Sugar Grove Park garden still needs some more work but it looks a lot better as we were able to weed most of it the 5th of September. At the 911 Ceremony, there were several compliments on the garden. Sally reported Nick’s Green House has some nice Mums.

The tentative 2019 Program List was discussed. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Garden Therapy was on September 11 at the Rouse. It was decided to use artificial flowers as most garden flowers were past their prime.

Debbie Woodin will make name tags for anyone that needs one. There will be a brown bag mystery auction at the next meeting. As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned.