Watson Grange meets; Warren County Fair winners announced

Master Matt Irons presided over the recent meeting of Watson Grange, with the decision made to once again purchase dictionaries for the third graders at Tidioute Charter School.

Junior leader Kelly Van Ord said they would meet again at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 12 to finalize plans for a fundraiser “Surprise Dinner” to be held at 4 p.m. Oct. 6.

Junior winners at the Warren County Fair were: Braden Thomson 1st-Recycled Craft, and 2nd-Nature Craft; Ally Spencer 1st-Origami; Gabby Lindsay 2nd-Origami; Maddy Warham 1st-Art, 1st-Nature Photo, 2nd-Recycled Craft, 2nd-Trail Mix, and 3rd-Origami; Tanner Warham 1st-Trail Mix, 1st-Nature Craft, 1st-Animal Photo, 2nd-Nature Photo; Lily Berkhouse 2nd-Origami; and Kaleb Lindsay 2nd-Art.

Pre-Juniors exhibiting were Daxter Irons and Aubrey Check.

Subordinate winners at the Fair included: Matt Irons 1st-Baby Animal Photo; Miranda Irons 1st-Pretty Wood Frame, 1st-Church Photo, 1st-Lemon Bars, 3rd-Peanut Brittle, 3rd-Holiday Wreath; John Hollabaugh 1st-Sunrise/Sunset Photo; Deanna Hollabaugh 1st-Pretty Wreath, 1st-My Favorite Anything, 1st-Flower Photo; 1st-Still Life Art, 2nd-Sunrise/Sunset Photo, 2nd-Peanut Brittle; and 2nd-Lemon Bars; Kelly Van Ord 1st-Holiday Wreath, 1st-Foam Frame, 1st-Start w/yellow Cake Mix, and 2nd-Chocolate Cake; Wendy Hollabaugh 2nd-Holiday Wreath; Jean Hollabaugh 1st-Peanut Brittle, 1st-Chocolate Cake, 1st-Start w/other Cake Mix, 2nd-My Favorite Anything, and 3rd-Lemon Bars.

Grange Exhibits-Watson Subordinate-1st, Watson Juniors-2nd, and Forest-3rd.

A workbee on the ramp into the hall is planned for Tuesday, Sept.4, with the election of officers to be held at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 13, with pie for refreshments.