Human Services Summit identifies long-term goals

The Human Services Summit has been crested.

Wednesday’s Warren County Board of Commissioners meeting will be largely devoted to a presentation on the final report from this year’s Human Services Summit. Commissioner Jeff Eggleston will be presenting the results of the past five months’ worth of work toward a better understanding of the county’s human services system.

After the summit began in April of this year, both families and providers from a number of agencies, including Forest-Warren Human Services, the Warren County School District, regional law enforcement, the court system, and medical health providers, came together to discuss both what the county’s human services system is doing well and what challenges and barriers to efficacious treatment exist.

The three-day compression planning event ended with the identification of five goals to immediately begin streamlining the delivery of services within the county, with a separate list of longer-term goals identified for ongoing efforts.

The 80-page report of everything learned, and what plans are in place going forward to make the county’s human services system more effective, will be outlined by Eggleston in the Jackson Courtroom, on the second floor of the Warren County Courthouse, at noon on Wednesday. The presentation will last around 20 minutes with a 10-to-15-minute question-and-answer session to follow. The public is encouraged to attend.

Eggleston will also propose a resolution related to the report and the creation of a committee to carry out the end goals agreed upon during the summit and outlined in the report. The proposed committee would function in an advisory capacity only, having no legislative authority, would be comprised of no less than seven members, and would dissolve on Dec. 31, 2019, unless carried over by the incoming board of commissioners.

A rundown of the report will be published following Wednesday’s meeting.