Scandia Trailblazers 4H Horse Club Round Up results

Photo submitted to Times Observer From left are Showmanship High Point Riders, including: Intermediate-Kassidy Turner, Junior-Melissa Burton, and Senior-Sandra Richards.

On Sunday, June 24, Scandia Trailblazers 4H Horse Club held its Round Up at the Warren County Fairgrounds. Class results are as follows:

Senior Grooming and Showmanship: Blue Ribbons: Sandra Richards, Hannah Hornyak, Emiley Wheeler.

Red Ribbons: Ally Woolslayer, Brielle Whitney, Hunter Peterson

Intermediate Grooming and Showmanship: Blue Ribbons: Kassidy Turner

Red Ribbons: Paige Pratte, Macey Eyler, Gracie Anthony, Olivia Eckstrom

Yellow Ribbons: Brooklynn Woods

Junior Grooming and Showmanship: Blue Ribbons: Melissa Burton, Allison Conti

Red Ribbons: Peyton Arthurs

Yellow Ribbons: Kierra Wismar

Receiving High Point for Grooming Showmanship were: Senior: Sandra Richards, Intermediate: Kassidy Turner, Junior: Melissa Burton

Open Trail Junior Rider: First Place-Melissa Burton showing Lady Lethal Weapon, Second Place-Gracie Anthony showing Ginger

Open Trail Senior Rider: First Place-Ally Woolslayer showing Willie, Second Place-Sandra Richards showing Liz Scott, Third Place-Emiley Wheeler showing Apache, Fourth Place-Kassidy Turner showing Tek, Fifth Place-Hannah Hornyak showing Bentley

Beginner Trail: First Place-Allison Conti showing Tyson, Second Place-Peyton Arthurs showing Stormy

Mini in hand trail: First place-Melissa Burton showing Busta Move

In the Shankless Showmanship class, first place-Sandra Richards, Second place-Macey Eyler, Third place-Kassidy Turner

Fourth place-Brielle Whitney, fifth place-Ally Woolslayer, sixth place-Allison Conti, seventh place-Gracie Anthony

Saddle Seat Pleasure and Equitation: First place in both classes was Hunter Peterson showing Thorn

Beginner Western Horsemanship: first place-Allison Conti, second place-Paige Pratt, third place-Peyton Arthurs

Western Horsemanship Senior Rider: First place-Hannah Hornyak, second place-Ally Woolslayer

Western Horsemanship Intermediate Rider: First place-Kassidy Turner, second place-Brookelynn Woods

Western Horsemanship Junior Rider: First place-Melissa Burton, second place-Allison Conti

Beginner English Equitation: First Place-Kierra Wismar

English Equitation Senior Rider: First place-Hunter Peterson, second place-Emiley Wheeler, third place-Sandra Richards

English Equitation Intermediate Rider: First place-Macey Eyler, second place-Kassidy Turner

English Equitation Junior Rider: First place-Melissa Burton, second place-Kierra Wismar

Beginner Western Pleasure: First place-Allison Conti, second place-Paige Pratt, third place-Peyton Arthurs

Western Pleasure Senior Rider: First place-Ally Woolslayer

Western Pleasure Junior Rider: First Place- Conti, Second place-Melissa Burton, third place-Brookelynn Woods

Beginner English Pleasure: First place-Allison Conti, Second place-Kierra Wismar

English Pleasure Senior Rider: First place-Sandra Richards, second place-Kassidy Turner, third place-Macey Eyler, fourth place-Hunter Peterson

English Pleasure Junior Rider: First place-Melissa Burton

Novice Reining: First place-Ally Woolslayer, second Place-Hannah Hornyak

Ranch Horse Pleasure: First place-Kassidy Turner, second place-Macey Eyler, third place-Hannah Hornyak, fourth place-Ally Woolslayer

Working Western Horse or Pony: First place-Kassidy Turner, second place-Hannah Hornyak


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