Preparedness at Beaty

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry City of Warren firefighters study a map of Beaty-Warren Middle School with Warren County School District Quality Assurance Supervisor Boyd Freeborough in the school’s boiler room during a preparedness tour on Wednesday.

With an active shooter drill coming up next week in Warren County School District, responders are preparing.

On Wednesday, City of Warren firefighters met with district Quality Assurance Supervisor Boyd Freeborough at Beaty-Warren Middle School.

They toured the facility, comparing the maps they were given with the physical presence of the building and discussing how they would remove victims from the school in any kind of mass casualty incident.

“Hopefully, we never have to use any of this,” Freeborough said at the end of the tour.

But, for the sake of preparedness, the firefighters looked over the facility, inside and out, from top to bottom and end to end.

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry City of Warren Firefighter Mark Schwanke explores a catwalk at Beaty-Warren Middle School Wednesday during a preparedness tour.

Freeborough opened up the electrical room and the boiler room. He showed them the key points of the building’s sprinkler system and generators.

They looked at roof, attic, basement, catwalk, and crawlspace access.

Firefighters asked questions about the composition of the windows and doors in the building.

The tour also included the naming, numbering, and navigating conventions in the school. Hallways are marked by letters at each intersection. Stairwells are numbered.

There is an elevator in the building, but the firefighters said they do not expect to be able to use it in a mass casualty event. They also considered where their vehicles might best be located.

This kind of tour will be offered to law enforcement and fire departments at all of the district’s schools, with the goal of offering a tour of each facility every year, Freeborough said.

He said some kind of drill similar to next week’s active shooter drill has been proposed to be an annual event in each attendance area.

There will be multiple scenarios played out during the drills on Tuesday.

There will be emergency vehicles at Beaty throughout the day for the drills.