Kinzua Beach re-opened, bacteria levels back to normal

It’s safe to swim at Kinzua Beach again.

According to a press release from the Allegheny National Forest on Thursday, the beach has been re-opened to the public for swimming after levels of the bacterium E. coli were found to be higher than acceptable limits established by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The beach has been closed since Tuesday.

Allegheny National Forest administration were advised on Thursday by the Department of Health that levels have returned to an acceptable level and the beach has been re-opened.

E. coli is a bacterium that comes from human or animal waste and is common in bodies of water frequented by species such as the Canadian Goose. E. coli outbreaks frequently occur after periods of heavy rain, such as that experienced during parts of Tuesday and Wednesday, as heavy rainfall causes swimming areas to be flooded by runoff.