Hooktown back to the neighborhood for Saturday garage sale

The Hooktown Holidays garage sale is back at its original stomping grounds.

The sale is today. It was held at the Greene Estate a little farther up Conewango Avenue last year, but it is centered on 1201 Conewango this year. “It was great what Cindy and Dave Morrison did for us,” Hooktown Holidays Founder Terry Pearson said. “The logistics and the amount of work for the number of volunteers we have, it was overwhelming. Now, we have these tents, we back up the U-Haul and we unload it.”

“This sale is probably six to seven times the size it was last year,” Pearson said. “It’s gigantic.”

All the items for the sale — “We have absolutely everything. As our ad says, ‘If you need it, we have it. If you don’t need it, we have that, to'” — were donated, Pearson said. “Everything that’s donated that we don’t sell, goes to Salvation Army.”

Items at the sale can now be purchased with plastic. “New for us this year, we take all major credit cards,” Pearson said.

All proceeds go to the 16 entities that Hooktown Holidays supports.

“There are people in this community that are cold, hungry, homeless,” Pearson said. “We decided to give the money to the charities that serve these individuals.”

Those entities are: Salvation Army; Rouse Business to Business Challenge; First Lutheran Produce Express; St. Joseph’s Soup Kitchen; WIC; Children’s Advocacy Center; Kids In Need; The Sharing Place; Warren County Veterans Emergency Fund; Veterans Share Program; A Safe Place; Experience Inc.; Tidioute Community Charter School; and Warren County School District Food Pantries.

Pearson said Hooktown Holidays has donated well over $100,000 to those entities over six years.

“It reflects the generosity of people who are becoming more aware of what Hooktown Holidays is all about,” he said. “If you are considering Hooktown Holidays, call us at 688-9979. Call us and talk to us. We’ll tell you how you can help us and we’ll tell you how we can deliver on your donation.”