Firefighters respond to reported gas leak

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry City of Warren firefighters return from investigating the roof of the IMT building on Clark Street Thursday morning after a report of a gas leak was followed by a fire alarm activation.

City of Warren Fire and Police departments responded Thursday morning to a report of a gas leak and fire alarm at the IMT building on Clark Street.

One person drove to Warren General Hospital for evaluation and possible treatment as a result of the incident, according to firefighters.

Firefighters checked the building and removed some smoke.

There was no active fire at the structure.

Capt. Dave Krogler said a demolition crew working inside the building likely cut through an old gas line that, while it had been disconnected, probably contained a small amount of residual gas.

The initial call came to the department as a gas leak in the building, he said. A fire alarm activated after that.

Krogler said the small amount of gas probably caused a flash fire that burned itself out immediately, but caused enough smoke to activate the alarm.