Emergency drill at Beaty, real-life simulations

There will be a multi-agency active shooter drill at Beaty-Warren Middle School from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 21.

According to a news release on the Warren County School District website, the drill “will focus on the responses necessary for law enforcement and other community entities that would be on site in the event of an active shooter.”

“Anyone in the area of the school during the drill will see a large number of emergency vehicles in the area and may hear gunfire resulting from the use of simulated ammunition (Simunition) by law enforcement,” according to the release. “Please do not be alarmed. These are all parts of the drill designed to mimic real-life situations that may be encountered.”

There could be traffic disruption in the area during the drill and district officials ask motorists to avoid the area.

“The school will be closed to the public,” according to the release. “Anyone needing to conduct business with the school (e.g. – student registrations) should contact the Warren County School District office at 814-723-6900.”

“Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and understanding as we work with our community partners to better safeguard our students.”