E. Coli levels at Kinzua Beach

Don’t swim at Kinzua Beach.

The Allegheny National Forest announced Tuesday that the Kinzua Beach swim area is temporarily closed due to E. coli in the water, however visitors may still use the picnic area. E. coli is a bacterium that comes from human or animal wastes – and is often a problem in local natural swimming areas due to the presence of Canada Geese. Periods of heavy rain, which flood swimming areas by runoff, are also culprits in rising E. coli levels.

The swim water at the beach is tested weekly during summer months, the ANF reports, and a certified lab does the water analysis. “We expect the next results to be available Thursday. Kinzua beach will be reopened then if the results are within normal limits for E. coli,” said Acting Public Affairs Officer Collin Shephard said Wednesday. If water test results on Thursday reveal that E. coli levels are still outside normal limits, she added, “Kinzua Beach will remain closed until the water is tested again next week.”