Bike/Hike progress moving forward

Efforts on the part of the Warren County Commissioners to extend the Bike/Hike trail into New York state are ongoing.

According to a Times Observer story on June 14, the commissioners approved action to secure “Right-of-Way agreements with Robert Ekey and someone acting on behalf of Barb Ekey for $1 annually.”

That first step represented the beginning of a move toward the extension to New York, what Commissioner Jeff Eggleston called, at that time, the original intent of the Bike/Hike trail project.

According to County Planner Dan Glotz as of Thursday, “our next phase is to get us to the mall area. With right-of-way agreements now in place, our next steps will be an application for funding and securing the necessary permits. Funding rounds through PennDOT and DCNR (Department of Community and Natural Resources) are open in the spring of each year.”