Remembering Patriots

Local chapter of DAR working to memorialize Revolutionary War veterans buried in?Warren County

Times Observer photo by Josh Cotton/Photo submitted for publication Above, a photo of the Old Whitestown Cemetery outside of Garland.

The local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution is undertaking an ambitious project to honor the Revolutionary War veterans buried in Warren County.

And they are starting at Old Whitestown Cemetery outside Garland, a small cemetery that includes a higher concentration of Revolutionary War veterans than any other in the county.

The cemetery is small, roughly 50 graves, but includes the remains of at least five – and potentially more – veterans of the struggle that threw off the yoke of British oppression.

“After nearly a year of research, deliberation… the General Joseph Warren DAR chapter members are finally ready to send the announcement about adding a monument to the cemetery to honor the veterans buried there and nearby,” said Gen. Joseph Warren Chapter secretary Sam Brawand.

“The Daughters of the American Revolution chapters in Warren County have existed for more than a century and have participated in many of the historic projects, monuments, wreath placements, and preservation/restoration projects. With the mission of remembering and honoring those who have served our country, we wish to continue with this most recent project.”

Five veterans were confirmed via grave stones – John Long, George Long, Solomon Miles, Hugh McGuire and Giles White.

Other unconfirmed names thought to be buried there or nearby include William Carpenter, John McGuire, Darius Mead, Jr. and Thomas Page.

A plaque proposal also recognizes the men buried at Whitestown who served in the War of 1812 – John Brown, David Long, Hugh McGuire, Jr., Alexander Wilson, Samuel Wilson and William White.

“This ‘sketch,'” Brawand said, “is the proposed design of the Bronze Plaque that will be affixed to the monument. We are including a drawing of a possible black American granite mounting for the plaque, designed by St. Mary’s Monuments. We are also investigating several other options for the monument, including native boulders. We plan to also include a new flag pole near the monument and a US Flag.”

The Chapter will also be seeking to work with the Veterans Administration in order to obtain stones for those known to be buried in the cemetery but whose marker has not survived.

“This cemetery has been very well cared for and the veterans and their families have been honored,” Brawand said. “We are hoping that, by providing this list of names, other family members may come forward to share their stories…. This cemetery is truly a historical landmark and is the final resting place for many of the Warren County first settlers and leaders.”

This is the beginning of a much larger project the DAR hopes to undertake.

“Our plans as a chapter are to begin with the Old Whitestown Cemetery, and with permission of Pittsfield Township, install a monument with the brass plaque as shown in the sketch, and an US flag and pole,” Brawand reiterated. “We are in the process of creating a map of all 25+ sites where Revolutionary War soldiers are buried in Warren County and we plan to share this map with the public as well as local schools and interested organizations.

“Our long-term goal is to begin with this cemetery which has the highest concentration of Revolutionary War soldiers in the county (and is the oldest cemetery in the county), and then review all the remaining burial sites to determine where else restoration, flag poles, and monuments are needed. While some cemeteries are meticulously maintained, others are not. Once this project is complete, we will select the next location based on funding and need. We feel that this will be a worthwhile project to maintain the historic significance of the location.”

The DAR has set up a “General Joseph Warren Chapter DAR Project Donation Fund through Northwest Bank for anyone who may be interested in contributing to the effort.

“No donation is too small,” Brawand said. “This account has been established by the General Joseph Warren Daughters of the American Revolution chapter, specifically for the mission of: (1) the installation, restoration, and maintenance of veteran burial sites, cemeteries, and park monuments (mainly in Warren County); (2) the installations of flag poles for US Flags where appropriate and ongoing flag replacement at burial and community sites; (3) donation to qualified veterans organizations when approved by the chapter; and (4) projects related to the historic preservation of gravesites, memorials, and printed material.”

Anyone with questions is encouraged to reach out to Brawand at or by phone at (814) 335-3847.