Good as Gold

Beaty eighth-graders recognized for activities, service to community

The Gold B awards were held on Thursday.

An opportunity for Beaty Warren Middle School students to be recognized for participation and exemplary character, the awards have been going on for decades. Each year, students are able to claim one of the letters eight letters B-E-A-T-Y-W-M-S for in and outside school activities and participation by writing letters to Gold B advisors explaining what they have done to earn the letter in the academic year leading up to awards. They also have to say in their letters what they have learned from completing the Gold B activity.

Students can begin chasing their Gold B awards in sixth grade, and must start no later than seventh grade. Each activity requires a separate letter to their Gold B advisor and each activity can deliver only one of the eight letters. Activities that qualify for Gold B awards include those that focus on citizenship, character, self-improvement, and responsibility. The Gold B is the highest award available for BWMS students.

The Gold B is a good way for a student to show that they’re not only being educated, but that they are becoming well-rounded and deepening their characters. Community service and volunteerism activities are highly encouraged as Gold B winning activities. Administration can opt not to award a Gold B for any reason they feel disqualifies a student for the award, mostly using that freedom to deny Gold B awards in the case of infractions such as serving out of school suspensions or other significant behavioral missteps.

In addition to extracurricular and volunteer activities, students can earn Gold B awards from participating in a full year of a Beaty sport like cheerleading or football, among others, for having perfect school attendance, a lack of tardiness for two full semesters, active membership in approved clubs, serving as office support workers, library helpers, or guidance office support workers for an academic year, achieving two consecutive semesters of honor or merit honor roll, exemplary behavior for two academic years, participating in musical assemblies and night programs, participating in District Chorus, and band participation, among others.

In general, between 25 and 35 students earn Gold B awards each year.


2018 Beaty Warren Middle School Gold B recipients include, from left, in front, Lennon Dailey, Katie Madigan, Emily Ickert, Jaelyn Mohney, Kaelah Knupp, and Ellee Irwin; middle row, Gabrielle Wilson, Taylor Napolitan, Madison Hanks, Katie Beyer, Alyssa Drozdiel, Cara Munksgard, Isabel Wortman, Elizabeth Koebley, and Malorie Lawson; and, in back, Max Harrison, JT Blum, Ben White, Derek Hahn, Arick Allen, and Will Strassburg.