Everybody loves a parade

Especially when it’s planned out by a group of students, and celebrates, well... the students

“This was the best day ever.”

And you could tell by the cracking of Lacey Schuler’s voice, she meant it.

Schuler’s seventh-graders at Beaty Warren Middle School had a bright idea last school year. They wanted their own parade. They would plan it and star in it.

Nine students, their teacher, Lacey, and a police car — all at the last minute on the last day of school.

Fast forward to the beginning of this school year and “the first thing they said in September was we need to have a parade again,” said Schuler.

It meant that much to them; all of one police car.

“The students in my class are the cutest kids ever,” said Schuler. “I absolutely love these kids. The fact that my students thought of this idea and people” supported them in their efforts “is amazing.”

Schuler was a queen in last year’s parade and her queen hat sat on her desk all school year long. That’s how excited her students were for this year’s parade.

“This is why I became a school teacher,” she said.

The students planned and planned so when rain was in the forecast on Thursday, Schuler started to get nervous.

Students were asking if there would be a rain date if they couldn’t walk outside around the Beaty parking lot.

“Then I got phone calls that there were parents outside,” she said.

The show must go on!

Her seventh-graders asked police and firefighters, so they got a cop car and a fire truck.

There were cheerleaders and a gymnastics team. Another teacher’s classes made three floats.

Photos submitted to Times Observer In photos above and at right, there wasn’t much promotion, but for Lacey Schuler’s seventh-graders at Beaty Warren Middle School, Thursday’s Emoji Parade was as big as it gets.

One of her students rode in the fire truck.

Beaty Principal Shannon Yeager was the grand marshal who led the parade.

There were 12 groups, including a clown and the Dragon mascot.

And a lot of happy students who want it to be even bigger next year.

“This was truly one of the best days of my teaching career,” said Schuler. “Today made all the stress and time and paperwork… all worth it. I hope that this parade continues.”

Photos submitted to Times Observer Led by Grand Marshal, Principal Shannon Yeager, teacher Matt Madigan, and teacher Lacey Schuler, Beaty had a little, but getting bigger, parade on Thursday, planned by and essentially for Schuler’s seventh-graders.