United Fund passes campaign goal, tops record for total amount raised

United Fund of Warren County Campaign Co-Chair George Lilja cheers as Co-Chair Lisa To places the final heart at the top of the campaign meter Thursday.

The community has come through again.

On Thursday, United Fund of Warren County Campaign Co-Chairs Lisa To and George Lilja placed the final heart at the top of the campaign contribution meter at the Warren Post Office.

“Once again, the residents of Warren County have rallied to the cause of the United Fund, surpassing the goal of $670,000 to raise $674,756.91 since the campaign kicked off in late September,” Director Jim Goodling said. “This was the highest goal for any United Fund campaign, which is the largest annual fundraiser in Warren County.”

“This community is amazing,” Lilja said. “This is my second year as co-chair and the community’s response to the United Fund is incredible.”

“The fund supports 20 member agencies, some of which could not survive without the support of the United Fund,” To said. “It is gratifying that people recognize the important work these organizations do.”

“Warren County has never faltered in its support for the United Fund,” United Fund Board of Directors Chair Lincoln Sokolski said. “Millions of dollars have been raised since 1924 for the benefit of Warren County citizens.”

All money contributed to the United Fund benefits county organizations.

“This is my last campaign before retiring,” Goodling said. “It has been such an honor to work with the community and the board of the United Fund. This is good work and it brings enormous benefits to everyone. I am so happy that the campaign was successful.”

The largest portion of contributions comes from industrial and financial companies in the county, Goodling said. “Corporate contributions and the payroll deductions of employees account for nearly 60 percent of the total. Individual gifts come to the campaign through direct solicitation — 9 percent — and a general residential campaign — 2 percent.”

Commercial and professional businesses, governmental, medical, educational, and member agency staffs contribute about 8 percent, and trusts account for the rest.

“Donations to the United Fund can be made throughout the year in person, by mail, or at www.unitedfundofwarrencounty.org,” Goodling said. “More information about the fund, including information about the hiring process for a new director, are also available on the website.”