Happy 100th

Local woman celebrates century mark

Geraldine Shorts celebrated her 100th birthday Monday.

Geraldine Shorts was born on Feb. 12, 1918.

Her family, from Sandy Lake, Pa., traveled by horse and buggy, or horse and sleigh in the winter. She moved to Warren in 1940, looking for work. She found it, at Sylvania, from which she retired in 1962. She was also a waitress at the Savoy Restaurant, one of Warren’s busiest, on Liberty Street downtown. She was the first in her family to move to Warren, she said.

Geraldine spent her years in Warren living on Yankee Bush Road, where she enjoyed gardening. At one point, she said, she had over 300 different kinds of flowers in her garden. Her favorites, however, were always her roses.

In 1992, Geraldine moved to Titusville.

Titusville, Florida, that is, where she stayed for 20 years, until 2012. Upon returning home to Warren, said Geraldine, her hobbies changed. No longer much of a gardener, Geraldine spends her days now doing puzzles and planning get togethers with friends and family, which are her favorite pastimes. She doesn’t dislike technology, she said, but doesn’t pay much attention to it. A better development in the world that she’s seen take place in her 100 years, said Geraldine, has been social security.

And the development of the automobile.

One of the changes she’s seen that has not been so impressive to Geraldine has been the way that people dress. “The first time I put on shorts,” she said, “my father told me to get in the house and get some clothes on.”

Some of Geraldine’s family – which includes one son, three grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren – convened in Warren over the weekend to help Geraldine celebrate her 100th birthday. They came from as far afield as Florida and California.

Geraldine lives independently, but said she doesn’t enjoy going out much. For the most part, she said, she just likes doing her puzzles and enjoying the peace and quiet.