Christian Women meet for Valentine Luncheon

The February 13 Valentine Luncheon of the Warren Christian Women Country Partners opened with Lynn Espin of the Allegheny Community Center welcoming guests and speaking of the Mardi Gras traditions. Yvonne Lee opened the meeting in prayer.

Birdie Crandall, Chair, acknowledged the ACC servers who help distribute the meals each month that Christian Women meet. The servers were presented with a Valentine and gift card. Birdie also reminded guests the group has no membership or dues. The group is affiliated with Village Missions. The group’s only goal is hoping you will return and bring a new guest.

Richard Geer and Pat Hesch next opened the program with their first musical selection, “The Hat.” Debi Sprague drew the names for winners of the hostess gifts. They were Geer, Judy McElhatten, and Barbara Messenheimer. Next, numerous brown bags were distributed; the $1 donation for the mystery bags is given to Village Missions, the clubs affiliate, whose goal is to spread the Word of Jesus to children Iiving in rural areas of the country not served by churches.

Lee then introduced the featured guest, Tammy Shepard, who spoke of her first mission trip to Haiti. She met a woman at her church who was involved in ARM or Allegheny Region Missions, and Shepard became interested and encouraged to join her friend on a rewarding mission trip. Shepard was hesitant at first, but her friend who had medical background training convinced her to go. The two women served at a mission clinic sponsored by Christian Service International in 2009. The work was very emotional and moving for Shepard, and the experience impacted her life forever. Tammy learned God is no stranger; let us not connect ourselves to possessions but rather to doing God’s work .

Tammy said that we can live on very little as the Haitian people do, and we need to be grateful for what we have. Tammy helped educate women at the clinic on how to care for their own health and the health of their children. This experience made Shephard believe in giving back to others

Nancy Skyler read a short story supporting our mission, and asked for continuing prayers for outreach rural ministry programs including the Compeer Friendship program ongoing in Jamestown and North Chautauqua County.

Geer then sang a medley of songs relating to God’s love including “Love Lifted Me” “The Steadfast Love of God Never Ceases”, and ” I Love you Lord.” Geer then introduced Pastor Buddy Ward of N. Warren Presbyterian Church as spiritual speaker. Pastor Ward spoke of his mother’s influence on his life; she never gave up on him when he turned away from the Lord as a teen. Down the road, even when he fought his mother, her support and love and never giving up on him brought him back to restore his faith in God. He advised, “Direct your children to God’s path, and they will not fall from the right path in life.” You are not a Christian just because you believe God exists.

A childhood friend of Ward’s told him his greatest accomplishment was to see his friend become an ordained pastor.

Ward concluded I am in my Mother’s eyes now. God intended for parents and children to learn from one another. He acknowledged his mother as his first Valentine as he is who he is because of his mother’s love. Ward’s mother died before he was ordained, but Ward is convinced that when we are gathered around God face to face in our heavenly Kingdom, we will be there because of a mother’s love.

Geer concluded with he and Hesch singing, “God we Exalt Thee.” Geer also led the group in the concluding benediction.

The March 13 noon luncheon of Christian Women Club’s program at the Allegheny Community Center, will feature musical guest Ray Goetz of Warren; Cindy Klomp, Sugar Grove, exhibiting Antique Dolls and Toys; and spiritual speaker Jennifer Ebaugh of Evans City, who will speak on “Running to Win.” Men and new visitors are welcome.

Call Lee Jones for reservations at (814) 723-5952. Ask about our complimentary nursery. The $9 fee covers lunch and program speakers.