Capitol Steps at Struthers Library Theatre

135 years ago, Struthers Library Theatre opened its doors. On Feb. 24, the theatre’s doors will re-open to celebrate 135 years and the completion of major renovations with an 8 p.m. show featuring the political satire troupe, The Capitol Steps.

The Capitol Steps is a hilarious political comedy show that offers a playful mix of song and standup, lampooning modern political leaders and taking on the major issues of the day.

For all those who enjoy good laugh, The Capitol Steps offers a machine gun of side-spliting comedy, firing one joke after another at the left, right and middle. And let’s face it: in this season of political discourse, The Steps may be a little palate cleanser and just what we all need.

The Capitol Steps were born in December, 1981 when some staffers for Senator Charles Percy were planning entertainment for a Christmas party. Ronald Reagan was President when the Steps began, so co-founders Elaina Newport, Bill Strauss and Jim Aidala figured that if entertainers could become politicians, then politicians could become entertainers! Their first idea was to stage a nativity play, but in the whole Congress they couldn’t find three wise men or a virgin! So, they decided to dig into the headlines of the day, and created song parodies & skits which conveyed a special brand of satirical humor that was as popular in Peoria as it was on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Early positive response to their act led the Capitol Steps members to ignore the conventional wisdom and quit their day jobs. Although not all of the current members of the Steps are former Capitol Hill staffers, taken together the performers have worked in a total of eighteen Congressional offices and represent 62 years of collective House and Senate staff experience.

Most cast members have worked on Capitol Hill; some for Democrats, some for Republicans, and others for politicians who firmly straddle the fence. No matter who holds office, there’s never a shortage of material. Says Elaina Newport, “Typically the Republicans goof up, and the Democrats party. Then the Democrats goof up and the Republicans party. That’s what we call the two-party system.”

Since they began, the Capitol Steps have recorded over 35 albums, including their latest, Orange Is the New Barack. They’ve been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS, and can be heard twice a year on National Public Radio stations nationwide during their Politics Takes a Holiday radio specials. The Capitol Steps have performed for the last 5 Presidents. The only complaints the Steps seem to get are from politicians and personalities who are not included in the program!

No matter who or what is in the headlines, you can bet the Capitol Steps will tackle both sides of the political spectrum and all things equally foolish.

So join the celebration at Struthers Library Theatre and find out why the Capitol Steps put the “MOCK in Democracy.”

The Capitol Steps is a hilarious way to celebrate the happy occasion of the Struthers Library Theatre’s 135th year of service and the grand re-opening of our renovated cultural gem. Bring your friends from both sides of the aisle and prepare to laugh at the 8 p.m. performance of The Capitol Steps.

Tickets are available at the theatre office (302 W. 3rd Avenue in Warren), by phone at 814-723-7231, at the door, and online at