Spreading joy

Christmas trees half a state away at the governor’s residence decorated by Warren County students

Photo submitted to Times Observer This is one of three Christmas trees at the Pennsylvania Governor’s Residence in Harrisburg that bear decorations created exclusively by Warren County School District students.

All over Warren County, children have participated in the decorating of Christmas trees.

But, there are also three trees half the state away decorated by local children.

Gov. Tom Wolf’s residence in Harrisburg features numerous Christmas trees and three of those trees are decorated with ornaments produced by Warren County School District students.

The district was asked to produce at least 800 ornaments.

“We shipped well over 1,000 Christmas tree ornaments,” Supervisor of Elementary Education Eric Mineweaser said. “There are ornaments from grades kindergarten through 12 on the three trees. We had all of our district schools participate in this activity.”

“Please tell all of the children that the Governor and First Lady were thrilled with the ornaments,” Residence Manager Juli Bossert said in an email to Mineweaser. “They think that you have some real artistic talent and coming from the First Lady (who is an artist), that’s a real compliment.”

Those who live in the house are far from the only folks who get a chance to enjoy the decorations.

“Over the course of just two weeks, with public tours and the holiday open house, we’ve had over 2,500 visitors see your ornaments,” Bossert said.

“It gives us a sense of pride that we contributed to the 2017 Christmas at Governor Wolf’s Residence,” Mineweaser said. “There are tours that can be taken so each person that would go through the room with the Christmas trees will clearly see that the students of Warren County were solely responsible for these decorations. Needless to say, we’re pretty happy!”