Kanoagoa Daughters hold September meeting

Kanoagoa Chapter Daughters of the American Colonists held their September meeting at Cable Hollow Golf Club. Peg Bermudez opened with devotions about lighthouses and that we should all spread our light. After prayer a lunch was enjoyed by all present. Vice Regent Nancy Rossman opened the business meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and the DAC Ritual.

Minutes of the May and June meetings were read and approved and the treasurer’s report given. At this time our Chaplin had a very moving memorial service for Lynn Nicklas and Pauline Sarvis. She read John 14:1-4 and recited a poem “Music of the Heart” for Lynn and “Death is Nothing at All” for Pauline. A candle was lit in their memory.

The time for future meetings was changed to 12:30. At this time we adjourned and traveled to Olson’s museum, where we enjoyed seeing wooden animals, paintings, rug making, and a large arrowhead collection all done by Lefty and Shirley Olson. The next meeting was held at Cable Hollow on Oct. 5.

After devotions by our Chaplin, Peg Bermudez, lunch was enjoyed. Regent Lucinda Miller opened the business meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and the DAC Ritual. Minutes of our September meeting were read and the treasurer’s report was given. October is the month we remember our veterans and a donation was given to Warren County Veteran’s Bureau.

Lucinda had attended State Assembly in Chambersburg and gave her report. She had given a donation in memory of her mother, Helen McIntyre, to the College of the Ozarks and the American History Award, both projects of the DAC. Lucinda read the history about the founders of Pine Grove Township for our program. The paper had been written by the late Ethel Young of Russell. John Russell, Robert Miles, and Hugh Frew arrived in Russell in 1795. Russell was a Revolutionary War veteran as was Robert Miles. Frew went on to settle Frewsburg, N.Y., and Robert Miles settled in Sugar Grove. Ethel had resented this program to our chapter back in 1985. Members present at this meeting were Fran Perrin, Liz Brown, Peg Bermudez, Lucinda Miller, Eleanor Johnson, and guest Elsie Barrett.

Our next meeting will be at Cable Hollow on Dec. 7 and we will be joined by the Daughters of the American Revolution.