Street Landscape Committee presents this year’s Civic Beautification Awards

The Civic Beautification’s Awards were the main focus of Tuesday’s Street Landscape Committee Meeting.

This year’s winners included:

¯Mike and Barb McAvoy, 1303 Sill Street

¯Rick and Janis Allen, 609 Market Street

¯Patsy Smith, 1308 Pennsylvania Avenue East

¯Richard and Joan Rich, 18 Crescent Park

¯Robert and Alicia Gatto, 100 Crescent Park

¯Holy Redeemer Church, 11 Russell Street

¯Mark Donick, 313 Liberty Street

¯James Colestro, 28 Orchard Street

¯Gary and Sandy Baldensperger, 208 Monroe Street

Also discussed Tuesday during the committee meeting was the potential switch from the Street Landscape Committee to the Shade Tree Commission. David Hildebrand told the committee that the Shade Tree Commission became the Street Landscape at some point in the late 1980’s. Hildebrand told the group he’d contact other cities who have a Shade Tree Commission to learn from them what sort of changes the group would see to their interaction with city council, as well as property owners, should that change take place.

Mike Holtz told the committee that the bird viewing platform on Pennsylvania Avenue West should be finished by the end of October. It was agreed that the Department of Public Works would trim the overgrowth in front of the platform to make it easier to see from the platform.

Hildebrand told the group that the grant submitted for around $300,000 to improve the Crescent Park Walk with lighting, walkway extension, and restroom improvements, as well as a healing garden and off-street parking, should be decided around the end of December. He said the committee should know by the end of the year whether they would be awarded the grant.

A subcommittee to study the implications of changing from the Street Landscape Committee to the Shade Tree Commission – including Mary Connaro, Jean Gomory, and Mark Davis – was set up and will look at the information Hildebrand is able to get together in the coming weeks before presenting their findings to the committee.