Hill & Dale Garden Club meets in August

The Hill & Dale Garden Club met Aug. 23 at Mission Covenant Church on Matthews Run Road with 21 in attendance. President Eleanor Johnson opened the meeting at 12:35 p.m. and devotions were done by her. A lunch of sloppy joes, potato chips, cheese tray, relish tray, drinks and brownies sundaes were provided by the committee of Carol Eckert, Barb Briggs, June Natale, Peg Stino and Nancy Waite.

The secretaries report for June and July was presented by secretary Stino. Eckert gave the treasurer’s report and reported the club received $13 for second place for its floral design at the Warren County Fair.

Johnson reported that five members of the club went to the Warren Garden Club picnic in July. She also thanked the committee for their work on the Warren County Fair exhibit, which came in second place this year.

Rouse flower therapy is planned for September 18.

The September meeting will be at the Lottsville United Methodist church at 12:30 p.m., and program will be fall arrangements by Kathy Masterson. There will also be a plant sale in the parking lot after that meeting.

Planning meeting for next year’s program is at 1:30 p.m. Sept. 11 at Eleanor Johnson’s home.

Johnson thanked this meeting’s committee for lunch.

No other reports were available.

The speaker was one of the Hill & Dale members, Wanda Buerkle, talking about “vinegar.” She told about the different kinds, rose petal vinegar, raspberry vinegar, and how some of them were used in early times for many different ailments, including itching and even using on our skin for bites. She told how she makes the different kinds right in her own home with various flowers, herbs, and spices. She handed out paper on 10 best herbs to grow and making herbal vinegar, plus recipe for spiced vinegar.