Should American flags be burned in protests?

In my last article I mentioned I went to a journalism conference.

While at the conference, we visited the Newseum. That was probably my favorite part, educationally. They had yes or no questions displayed around the museum and you answered with different colored stickers. I answered one question in that whole museum and it read “Do you think Americans should be able to burn the flag in protest and not be punished?”

I posted a video of my answer on one of my social media pages. I answered yes. That started a lot of talking and a lot of people I know started bashing my opinion and me. And guess what? It did not bother me. A lot of people in life are not going to agree with you. You have to lean to except that as a journalist.

I had someone ask me why I thought the way I did. I believe Americans can burn the U.S. flag in protest if they feel like America has wronged them in a way.

I think anyone could burn any flag if they feel the people of that flag wronged them. If people think that is what they need to do to, kate people notice they cannot do such things to them, then i say do it. Do what you need to do to make them hear you.

America is famed for our freedom. America is not as free as everyone thinks we are. People come to America to escape the unfair treatment in their own country. President Trump is making that hard for many people with his wall project.

I did research on the internet on the topic of burning the flag. Many of the flag burnings take place because of President Trump. President Trump has stated on his personal Twitter account “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!” The right to burn the flag is protected underneath the First Amendment under freedom of speech.

There was also another incident in Portland, Oregon with anti-Trump protesters. Protesters burnt the flag on Inauguration Day because they did not want Trump in office. We can all admit he did not say the nicest things while campaigning.

A former marine, Eric Post, tested against the protesters. He was very upset with people who did burn the flag. He felt disrespected and he felt others’ hatred toward this country. In a video interview with Task & Force he shared his feelings towards the protesters. “Hey protesters, if you want to burn the flag, it’s your right. I get that. I’m amongst thousands of people that fought for their country and served. I’m standing by the grave sites of Medal of Honor winners. If you feel like it’s your right to burn the flag, OK. Maybe you can meet me up here sometime and we can take a tour and you can learn a little about sacrifice and pride and honor. I’m truly at a loss for words. I don’t get emotional, but coming up here right now after seeing footage of what’s happening is sickening. I’m disappointed. Most importantly, I’m ashamed for the people that are buried here. Look me up if you want to come up here and we can talk about it. I’ll happily let you read what real heroes have done. Real heroes. Not cowards with a lighter and a store-bought flag. That doesn’t mean anything to you. Your day will come. You’ll get wise one day and realize the symbol of the flag isn’t what you’re protesting. That’s what gives you the ability to protest. You should cherish that. Not burn it.”

All of these incidents happened in either 2016 or 2017. In only a year and a half there’s are so many reported flag-burning “crimes.” This should have to happen in America. This all leads to one person.

I was told at the conference to write what I feel strongly about and this is something people did not appreciate me expressing. Sulome Anderson said “If you are not pissing people off with what you are writing about, you are not doing your job.”