Warren County Recycleathon April 13 at Sheffield High School

The Warren County Recycleathon is set to take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, April 13, at Sheffield High School.

Pre-registration for the event can be done online at www.ecsr.net, or by calling 1-866-815-0016.

Items being collected include electronics: computers and peripherals; televisions; printers; microwaves; stereos/CD and Tape players; copiers; fax machines; cell phones/telephones; laptop computers; VCR’s/DVD players; phone systems; dehumidifiers; and air conditioners.

Household hazardous waste items are also being collected and include: household cleaning products; aerosols; pool chemicals; paints; wood/metal cleaners and polish; gasolines/kerosene/diesel fuel; propane tanks/compressed gas cylinders; driveway sealer; stains/finishes; paint stripper; batteries; light bulbs; waste oils/motor oil; fuel additives; transmission/brake/starter fluid; antifreeze; degreasers; car wax and polishes; bleach; lye; indoor pesticides; flea repellants/shampoo; bug sprays; strychnine; and mouse/rat poisons.

Items not to bring to the recycleathon include medical waste, radioactive material, tires, syringes, ammunition, explosives, and large appliances.

Costs for the services provided include: all household hazardous waste $.68/lb; universal waste (bulbs and batteries) $0.66/lb; mercury-containing devices $3.23/lb; all tube/CRT-televisions and monitors $0.55/lb; small freon containing devices $0.62/lb; propane tanks and fire extinguishers $15.00/each; and all non-CRT devices/other electronics $0.35/lb.

The collection service is provided by the ECSR in cooperation with the Commissioner’s Office Planning & Zoning Director, Dan Glotz. The ECSR is a company specializing in the proper recycling and disposal of hazardous materials that are harmful to the environment.