Times Observer launches job-matching technology

Starting this week, the Times Observer and timesobserver.com have launched jobs.timesobserver.com that includes cutting edge job-matching technology and targeted network distribution powered by RealMatch.

Employers who post jobs on the Times Observer’s new job board, jobs.timesobserver.com, receive unprecedented reach to top area professionals within the Northwestern Pennsylvania region and on the TheJobNetwork, the largest recruitment ad network of job sites in North America resulting in up to four times better response than the leading national job board.

TheJobNetwork reaches millions of active and passive job seekers monthly across the Internet on local, niche, and vertical job sites, as well as on leading aggregator sites and social networks. To ensure maximum qualified response possible, jobs posted on jobs.timesobserver.com are automatically optimized, distributed and monitored as part of targeted ad campaigns.

This targeted distribution produces higher rankings in search results on search engines and paid job sites resulting in an increase in qualified response of 200 percent on average. In addition, the new site allows hiring managers to save valuable time and effort with Real-Time Job Matching, which automatically screens, grades, and ranks applicants, as well as returns qualified passive job seeker matches in real-time from the site’s resume database.

“Employers who post jobs in the Times Observer, and on jobs.timesobserver.com now receive unprecedented reach to top professionals within the Warren community and on the TheJobNetwork, which is billed as the largest recruitment ad network of job sites in North America. Those using the network see up to four times better response than the leading national job board,” said Times Observer Publisher Bob Patchen.

The jobs.timesobserver.com job board also offers job seekers an enhanced user experience driven by Real-Time Job Matching, which instantly matches job seekers to open postings based on their skill set, experience and preferences – eliminating the need for tedious keyword searching and browsing through hundreds of irrelevant job postings. Since jobs.timesobserver.com is part of TheJobNetwork, job seekers also have access to job matches from any of the thousands of network sites. Job seekers who register on jobs.timesobserver.com can view relevant job matches and apply in real-time from their online account and via the jobs.timesobserver.com job seeker mobile app.

With Real-Time Job Matching, job seekers on jobs.timesobserver.com now spend less time searching for the right position and more time applying to relevant jobs.

For more information on the new job board, or to post, call the Times Observer at 723-8200 and ask for our Catherine Olson. For more than 50 years, the Times Observer has been the region’s community’s top source for news and advertising information.