Covered: Erie Bank picks up tab for parking meters

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry Erie Bank officials team up with the City of Warren to provide parking meter relief for the end of the week. Pictured, from left, are Erie Bank Community Office Assistant Manager Ashley McBride, Community Office Manager Terri Swanson, and City of Warren Police Sgt. Brandon Deppen.

The meters are covered because Erie Bank covered the cost of parking.

Erie Bank presented a check to the City of Warren on Wednesday that subsidizes the cost of using parking meters downtown for two days.

Erie Bank personnel said they would be putting bags over the meters Wednesday evening. City personnel will remove the bags Sunday night.

For Thursday and Friday, any meter fees are covered by Erie Bank. The exemption does not apply to the Mid-Town Lot, according to City Police.

It is the third year the bank has covered parking costs around the annual Christmas Walk and Parade.

Bank personnel see the value in a vibrant downtown and want to encourage people to spend time there.

“We want people shopping and supporting our local businesses and restaurants,” Community Office Manager Terri Swanson said.

“We do this to give back to the community,” Community Office Assistant Manager Ashley McBride said.

“We appreciate working with our downtown business partners and look forward to continuing to do that in the future,” City of Warren Police Sgt. Brandon Deppen said.

“The community does appreciate it,” Swanson said. “We get non-customers coming in and thanking us. Non-customers send us thank you cards.”

Customers like it, too.