Times Observer welcomes new advertising associates

The Warren Times Observer’s new advertising associates, from left, Regan Raupach, Jeff Moran, and Nerissa Greenland.

The Warren Times Observer has three new advertising associates.

Regan Raupach, originally of Corry, said she came to the Times Observer after extensive travel throughout the United States. Regan has lived in Arizona, Missouri, and New York State, and now calls Warren home, she said. Originally, Regan said, she applied for the position in classified. When advertising director Stacy Hathaway told Regan that the position had already been filled, “she talked me into this one,” Regan joked.

Regan said she’s enjoying getting to know her customers and likes being on the road, meeting people. “I like having an office job where I don’t have to be strictly in the office,” Regan said. In her spare time Regan likes doing crafts, including tie dying and painting.

Jeff Moran was a part time sports writer for the Post Journal “many years ago,” he said. While he enjoyed writing, he said, he was a business owner for over 30 years. After technically moving to South Carolina after breaking away from his family-owned business, Jeff said, he and his wife had just unpacked in South Carolina before packing back up to return to Jamestown when their granddaughter, Isabelle, returned with Jeff’s stepdaughter from Italy, where she’d been born. “We expected them to move to Carolina,” explained Jeff, and when they moved to Jamestown instead, Jeff said he and his wife followed.

His experience as a store owner has helped Jeff interact with clients, and working with other business owners is his favorite part of the advertising job here at the T.O. It was the “customers who became friends” that he missed most about being in business himself, so he’s pleased to have an opportunity to recreate that here at the newspaper. While he was just “looking for something to do, something to keep me busy,” he said, he is settling in and enjoying building rapport with local business owners.

In addition to his granddaughter, Jeff has two sons: Jordan, who clerked for Judge Neil Gorsuch after attending Harvard Law, and Joshua who is a paralympic gold medal sled hockey player and has a degree in engineering from University of New Hampshire, and three stepchildren: a stepson Andrew who is a produce for an ABC affiliate in Charlotte, N.C., Amanda, who is the assistant manager of Walmart in North Warren, and Ashley who is a nurse at WCA Hospital in Jamestown.

Finally, Nerissa Greenland is a Warren Native who came to the Times Observer after her position as a buying assistant for a clothes retailer was eliminated last year.

Like her two coworkers Regan and Jeff, Nerissa said she’s enjoying her new position in advertising here at the T.O. and is looking forward to creating long-lasting good relationships with her customers. In her spare time, Nerissa said, she likes target shooting with her boyfriend Bruce.

“I’m excited about our new sales team and looking forward to the next quarter,” said Advertising Director Stacy Hathaway.