Baxter completes PA Bankers School of Banking

Robert Baxter, construction project manager of Northwest Bank’s Corporate Facilities Department in Warren, recently completed the 2017 Pennsylvania Bankers Association (PA Bankers) School of Banking at the Penn State Conference Center in State College, Pennsylvania.

Baxter has served the banking industry for five years following retirement from a 23-year Air Force military career. He applies his experience in planning, design, development, renovation and construction management to the bank’s offices and corporate facilities. Recent accomplishments include completion of five projects that pioneered a new brand concept, which introduced an island-type teller counter to modernize the customer’s banking experience.

Baxter has achieved remarkable success with completion on time and under budget for these projects in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Buffalo, New York areas. He also worked to complete design of new brand signage and installation of ATM surrounds for all existing offices and those in the Lorain, Ohio and Buffalo, New York acquisitions.

The PA Bankers School of Banking provides students with a broad base of knowledge of the financial services industry, which can be applied in a practical manner. Topics taught at this 100-level school cover the banking system, bank financial statements, marketing to customers, compliance, lending, motivation and supervision.