‘Pouring’ it forward with a ‘suspended program’

You can now “Pour” It Forward at Tim Hortons in Warren.

“So far,” said District Manager Kiliegh Haight, “this is the only Tim Hortons that is doing it in this area.”

It, she said, “… is our very first time trying the suspended program.”

Haight said that a customer approached the managers at Warren’s Tim Hortons to suggest that the program be adopted.

“She’d approached me yesterday,” said Haight. “I made a decision right there and then. I’d seen it on Facebook,” Haight said. “I thought it would be a really go idea to get involved in the community. I approached the owner about it today and he thought it was a great idea.”

The suspended program isn’t new to the Tim Hortons franchise. A quick Google search will return blog posts and stories about the program dating back to as early as spring of 2013 in Canadian Tim Horton’s stores.

All a customer needs to do is place their order at the counter or drive through, said Warren store manager Stacey Campbell, and if they’d like to purchase a suspended coffee or food item they can order and pay for it along with their own. Employees circle what’s been paid for as suspended food or coffee and keep the receipts as a record in the back. Then all anyone in need has to do, said Campbell, is ask to claim a suspended food or drink item.

It’s up to each individual location to choose to participate in such a program.

The first day of Warren’s suspended coffee program was Wednesday. It started when the store opened, said Campbell, and by just before noon she said that six coffees and one food item had been purchased and suspended.

“It was just the right thing to do,” said Haight.