There are limits (in 2019)

Lorri Drumm

As a new year begins, so does the tradition of resolving to do more — more exercise, more money saving, more fun stuff, more organizing… You know the drill.

The goal of all this goal-setting is to make our lives better, right? So why do we notoriously give up on our goals, usually within a short amount of time?

Is it too hard to transform our natural desire to be an over-spending unorganized couch potato? Maybe it is.

But, consider this fellow underachievers — what if instead of focusing our efforts on doing more, we try our hand at doing just a little less?

Think about what life might be like if we just set a few limits. Whaaat? Limits? We think nothing of setting limits for kids, so why not ourselves?

I bet there’s not a kid out there who hasn’t heard: “turn off the video game, finish your homework, time for beddy bye and no, you can’t have cake and ice cream for breakfast.” If I were a betting woman, I’d say odds are most adults wouldn’t be too pleased if those directions were given to them.

Adults paid their dues right? We grew up and became responsible. We don’t need anyone to tell us what to do, right? But what if we’re doing something just a little, or a lot, too much? What happens then?

Depending on your age, you might remember a time when most televisions were limited to several channels that couldn’t be changed with a remote control. The sound came from small speakers and the volume didn’t exactly hurt anyone’s eardrums. And imagine this — each night the screen showed just an American Flag while The National Anthem played and there was no more television until the next morning.

Limits were imposed on everyone’s television viewing. What kind of existence is that?

Suppose the tv shows were done for the day and you couldn’t sleep. Phone a friend, right? Good luck. Telephones were attached to a wall. People had to go to the phone to talk. And no, you couldn’t leave a message.

Our interactions with people outside our home were limited. How did people survive?

Don’t mistake my intent. I’m not suggesting these were the good ol’ days. How would I know, anyway? I was born way later. ) ;

But now that we have ginormous televisions with sound bars that can shake a house and telephones attached to our hands, could it be that life for ourselves and those around us could be better if we set some limits.

We’re adults. We work hard. We deserve these things. Agreed. But, consider what changes might happen if we, like kids who have limits, played with our toys just a little less.

If we turned down our television sound bar and maybe even turn the television off at a reasonable hour, could we sleep more? Could less be more?

If we sleep more could we be a little less inclined to be a couch potato?

If we put the smart phone down for just a little while each day, could we squeeze in some more of the other things we’d like to do more of? Could we maybe keep the details of our personal lives, frankly, more personal and less public?

Could we all be a little bit happier and healthier with just a few limits? Maybe.